Liste d'écoute

Randomondo #8

· par Patrice Caron

Partir sur un nowhere.

Sweeping Promises – Blue

King Creosote – Susie Mullen

Holy Wave – I’m not living in the past anymore

Tune-Yards – Nowhere, man

The Streets + Dona’o + Greentea Peng – I wish you loved you as much as you loved him

Jane Weaver – The revolution of Super Visions

The Stance Brothers – On Top (Guitar & Flute)

The Pro-Teens – I flip my life everytime I fly

Horse Lords – Fanfare for Effective Freedom

Pose Dia – At the Beach

Badge Époque Ensemble – Sing a silent gospel

Smerz – Believer

Lithics – Hands

Deradoorian – Corsican Shores

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