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NBA YoungBoy – I Rest My Case

· par CCJ Gabriel

NBA YoungBoy’s fifth studio album I Rest My Case is hard hitting and fast-paced for the most part, and continues to solidify YoungBoy as one of the most prominent and important rappers in the genre today. With no features on this project, and galvanizing his incredibly loyal fan base, YB proceeds to trend set and dictate where the direction of modern hip-hop is headed. 

I Rest My Case has two consistent vibes throughout: your classic turn up and trap mixed with emotional songs about love and lives lost. YoungBoy is a master in both of these types of expression. The production on this album is interesting as well, as the first half of the album makes you feel like you’re starting a new level of a video game every time a new beat drops. “Double Cup,” and “Fight With My Sheets,” are two of the best songs on the album in my opinion however, they do leave much to be desired. My only criticism of this project is just that every song feels so short, because they are. I don’t think any song on I Rest My Case clocks in at more than 3 minutes, which makes total sense for the low-attention-span/Tik Tok era we exist in, but you can’t help but wonder if YoungBoy doesn’t have more to give on each of these songs. On the other hand, the hardest things to achieve in music are longevity and originality, and perhaps YB’s approach is the key to procuring both.

Another glaring positive for me are the “Top Girls,” “Top Haters,” and “I Love YB,” skits. Any time skits are incorporated into hip-hop albums, I thoroughly enjoy it, as they tend to add another layer of cohesion that’s missing from a lot of projects today. Though, the song placements feel a little random throughout. The tracks go from lit to emotional to turn up to sad, and at times, comes across as a little random. That being said, modern music consumers mostly only stream singles these days, so is that even really a negative? YB definitely started-off 2023 by setting the bar fairly high, and I strongly suggest giving I Rest My Case a listen.

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