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Carnet de voyage – A Portrait of Simon Bertrand

Sun 30 Jan 2022 • 07:00 pm Contemporary
Salle de concert virtuelle - Montréal Free
· by Rédaction PAN M 360

Works by Bertrand and Dorion.

Enter the cosmopolitan universe of Simon Bertrand! Discovering the world shaped the music of this composer-adventurer, inspired by oriental and contemporary music, but also by pop (Björk, Radiohead) and jazz, presented in a single breath in a ritual conducive to one form encountering the “other”. Additional art forms (cinema, painting, poetry) are also invited to the party thanks to clever scenography, drawing an eclectic musical portrait of one of our most prolific composers.

Ensemble de la SMCQ | Samy Moussa, director
Trio Fibonacci | Virginie Mongeau, soprano | Brian Bacon, alto | Louise Bessette, piano | Annabelle Renzo, harp | Josée Poirier, flute | Claire Marchand, flute | Simon Bertrand and Jean-Guy Boisvert, clarinet | Sylvain Marotte, video

Une prière pour Zipangu (2011)
Salutation au soleil (2016, 22)
Variations perpétuelles (2018)
Konna yume wo mita (2003, 10)
La guerre et la paix (2016)
Trois lieder (2013, 21)
Concerto pour alto (2011)
Blues de Saint-Adolphe (création)

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Content from Société de musique contemporaine du Québec adapted by Pan M 360.

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