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Mixcassette Vol.7

· par Patrice Caron

Le défi #Musictober se poursuit.

Antibalas – Beaten Metal
Amnesty – Mr.President
Zenzile – Access Denied
Zion Train – Dub Shall Rise
Throbbing Gristle – Six Six Sixties
Tipsy – Reverse Cowgirl
Two Lone Swordsmen – The Big Clapper
Vinyl Williams – Nether Congrenes
Trans Am – Cologne
The JB’s – The Grunt (Part 1 & 2)
Snap – I’ve got the power
Run The Jewels – Yankee and The Brave
Public Enemy – She watch Channel Zero
Mano Negra – This is my world
Link Wray – Rumble
Los Straitjackets – My heart will go on

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