Pays : Québec Label : Bravo Musique Genres et styles : Pop / Pop-Punk / Singer-Songwriter / Synth-Pop Année : 2023

Thierry Larose – Sprint !

· par Arielle Caron

His first album Cantalou, released in 2021, put him on the map of emerging artists in Quebec. Since that release, he has received numerous nominations, in addition to winning the SOCAN song award for the song Les amants de Pompéi.

On Sprint! his second studio album, which has just been released, Thierry Larose lives up to expectations. The atmosphere is reminiscent of Cantalou, the singer still demonstrates his ability to move his listeners while making them dance. However, this time he takes a more personal angle, especially in the first song of the album, Portrait d’une Marianne. In this song, he addresses his girlfriend, expressing his admiration and love for her. Throughout the album, the singer is even more sensitive than he let on. The sincerity of his lyrics is felt – he expresses his deepest feelings and we can relate to them. In fact, the young artist seems to be closer to his audience today.

He offers us two versions of the song Baleine et moi. The first take on the album (take 10 in the recording process), depicts a well-packed soundscape, incorporating synth sounds and Lou-Adriane Cassidy’s chorus – which can be heard several times in the album and which are a real treat for the ears. The second one, (take 3), which closes the album, is an acoustic version, more refined and more intimate. Thierry addresses this time the lost whale of the St-Laurent who died not far from Montreal, which had upset Québécois during a few days. He invents a kind of story, extremely touching, around this one – and it is moving.

Alternating between slow pieces and more rocking songs, sometimes passing through swing (with “Comme dans mes souvenirs” and “Frisbee & Marmelade”), Thierry is more ambitious on Sprint! Although the general atmosphere of the album is reminiscent of Cantalou, one can feel that the artist’s universe is transforming. Even now, Thierry Larose is obviously discovering himself, and he allows us to accompany him in this process.

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