Country : United States Label : ALTER Genres and styles : Electronic / Noise / Techno Year : 2020


· by William Paulhus

To celebrate the release of his first album in his career not bearing the title LP, Container literally wastes no time in throwing a first burst of bouncing percussion at us. He’s known for getting straight to the point, but on this new recording, he gets close to capturing the energy of his infernal live sets. Unlike many others, his noisy techno doesn’t fall into clichés and avoids the oppressive ambience common among his peers. Instead, he offers us eight adrenaline-filled tracks with effects that are more childish than unhealthy. This overdose of energy is all that’s missing from your day to turn it into a positive one. Just crank “Trench”, “Haircut” or “Duster” to the max and let your body surf these waves of euphoric rhythm.

The most amazing thing about a Container album is the unique sound. With sound equipment limited to his trusty Roland MC-909 , a four-track recorder, and a few effects pedals, he does indeed achieve surprising results. It’s a recipe he’s been perfecting for more than a decade, touring every major city that’s ready to receive his frenetic music. Once this pandemic is behind us, he’ll be able to come and visit us as often as he wants, and we’ll welcome him with open arms. Especially since there is no better workout than attendance at one of his performances.

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