Country : Canada (Quebec) Label : Danse Noire Genres and styles : Ambient / Electronic / Experimental Year : 2020

Quelque chose tombe

· by William Paulhus

The presence of Montrealer Racine on the Danse Noire label makes perfect sense. No one will be surprised to see one of the most meticulous producers, in terms of sound design, under the direction of Aïsha Devi, founder of the label and certainly one of the most avant-garde musicians on the electronic planet.

On Quelque Chose Tombe, Julien Racine perpetuates the unpredictable aspect of his discography by serving up a recipe that’s radically different from his previous efforts. Despite a glitchy narrative framework, there are fewer devastating crescendos, compared to his excellent album Eve in 2017. Instead, he displays a disconcerting calm, joyfully forging long digital sculptures illustrating the disarray of modern times. In the bewildering “Geranium”, for example, we’re led along the edge of a precipice without really taking the plunge, proof that the Montrealer has perfected his mastery of sonic tension. This impressive musical fresco is punctuated by two tantalizing collaborations with Enchanted Lands and his confrere Keru Not Ever, with whom he forms the duo Corporation. This not insignificant contribution takes Racine into more dissonant terrain than he is accustomed to. If you’re eager for some abstract aural exploration, this is a journey that will satisfy your thirst for discovery. 

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