Country : Canada (Quebec) Label : Cuchabata Genres and styles : Noise Rock / Post-Punk Year : 2020
Boar God

Near Extinction

· by William Paulhus

Boar God is the perfect example of a band that flies under the radar despite their immense potential. Together for just a few years now, the members of this Montreal trio met through an online classified ad – vive la modernité! – and are already evolving their sound at breakneck speed. Their brand new EP Near Extinction, once again released on the Cuchabata label, solidifies this dazzling progression by offering four seemingly cold but oh so catchy tracks.

If the melancholic guitar notion that serves as an introduction suggest a structure close to post-rock, the arrival of the strident bass and the tumultuous drums radically overturn our expectations. The disillusioned voice of singer-guitarist Eric Bent then makes its entrance for our greatest pleasure, as it will be present throughout the album and undeniably acts as the pivot of Boar God’s music. The rest of Near Extinction holds a ton of surprises, from the melancholy “Azrael in Crisis” and its atypical time signature to the familiar Voivod spirit of “The World Set Free”. The strange amalgamation of styles that the Montreal trio serves up waltzes skillfully between post-punk, noise-rock, and even a slight dose of grunge, enough to pique the curiosity of a large number of heavy music fans. If the first listen doesn’t attract particular attention, don’t hesitate to dive back into it frequently, its unique guitar riffs and singular vocal melodies will soon settle in for good.

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