Country : Canada (Quebec) Label : Crash Symbols Genres and styles : Experimental / Pop Year : 2020


· by William Paulhus

Montreal musician Catherine Debard’s solo project has always been something she guarded jealously. Things have changed, however, on Interplay, her new album released on the American label Crash Symbols. This time, she opens up the field of possibilities by inviting a host of artists to come and add their two cents’ worth in her room, which became an improvised studio for each of their visits.

The electro-pop she has been serving up since 2012 takes a very different turn with the presence of saxophone, brass, flutes, string instruments, double bass and even a santur. By having fun manipulating the sounds resulting from these numerous collaborations, she creates an intoxicating whole that occasionally flirts with jazz. With the addition of her comforting voice and charming accent, she creates some introspective sound collages. Whether you want to get lost or find your way, what YlangYlang does will always be a refuge of choice.

It’s hard to imagine that this album would coincide with the sense that her musical career seemed to be coming to an end. It would have been a sad decision to end it all, because few musicians can depict such warm and intimate pieces of life as Catherine. Just listening to “Limitless” or “Our Provisional” should be enough to flip your heart upside down.

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