Country : Canada (Quebec) Label : Sexy Sloth Genres and styles : Noise Rock / Post-Rock / Prog Rock / Stoner Rock Year : 2020
Renard Blanc


· by Roxane Labonté

Renard Blanc, a rock trio from the Maskoutain area in Quebec, takes us to the depths with Abysses, the band’s second EP. Instead of releasing singles or an album, the band cut what was supposed to be a full-length record into 3 EPs, to be released over the course of a year – an approach that’s spreading, testifying to the increasingly limited attention span of the public. The whole evokes the stoner-rock of Fuudge or Burma, and sometimes enters into noise/post-rock (like Alex Henry Foster), or a more prog sound à la Voivod.

With “Fantôme”, “Crevasse” and “’94”, Renard Blanc stares you down with piercing eyes, ready to pounce. Wrapped in thick white furs, the velvet sky studded with stars behind it, this polymorphous fox leaves beautiful tracks in its wake. After the EP Combustion (August 2020) and Abysse, we can’t wait to see what prey this three-headed fox will drag out of its lair next. 

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