Country : Italy Label : Ohm Resistance Genres and styles : Drum & Bass / Dub / Electronic Year : 2020

A Sun Called Moon

· by William Paulhus

Known as a Mecca of techno, Italy also sees to it that the darker niches of electronic music are represented. The duo Dadub are part of this line of artists who take mischievous pleasure in taking the genre to more exploratory terrain.

What we notice right away on the duo’s first EP on the Ohm Resistance label is its amazing sound quality. Not surprising, since the founder of the duo, Daniele Antezza, is an outstanding sound engineer whose fingerprints are all over the nuggets from the Stroboscopic Artefacts label, going back years. Now that he has his own mixing studio and, since 2018, his compatriot Marco Donnarumma has come to help him relaunch Dadub, the tandem is ready to reclaim its place in the ultra-saturated world of electro.

Don’t be fooled by the ambient intro. This new work marks a radical break, plunging the listener into a percussive euphoria, close to organic and invigorating drum & bass. The amazing atmosphere created on the last three tracks is worthy of the best moments of British veteran Scorn, in a slightly accelerated version, but with the same surgical approach to dub. A Sun Called Moon is a punchy album that will have an immediate effect on the amount of dopamine your body produces during the day. The label recommends listening to it with subwoofers and a joint. Far be it from me to incite you to consume, but be aware that the SQDCs remain open, so feel free to make a little detour, to make the most of this hitherto well-kept secret.

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