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thisquietarmy • Documa • Solipsisme

Fri 14 Feb 2020 • 07:00 pm Ambient / Drone / Electronic / Experimental / Post-Rock / Rock
Turbo Haüs - Montréal 10 $
· by William Paulhus

Photo credit: Manon Cornieux

Drone enthusiasts will have no choice but to bring their valentine to this evening featuring three solo projects of interest. Montrealer Eric Quach returns under his eternal pseudonym thisquietarmy, though for this performance he’ll be deprioritizing his guitar in favour of fun with his multitude of pedals. Not to be overlooked is the presence of American Bobby Markos, who presents his Documa project after his previous appearances with the bands Cloakroom and Native. This will also be the first concert of Solipsisme, the new solo avatar of guitarist François Lemieux, of the band Milanku.


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