Disco / Glam Rock / synth-rock

Kristian North – Pseudoscience Fiction

par Stephan Boissonneault

There’s a trippy lion limousine running on multiple legs as a hazy disco synth-meets-glam rock chews the sonic scenery. The image puts a smile on your face as you groove to the tight, Funkadelic-esque bass line, all encompassing piano synth chords, and the baritoned and then robotic voice of a faceless man.

We’re in the belly of the beast, or should we say, the mind of Kristian North, bouncing off his sci-fi fantasy world he likes to call Pseudoscience Fiction. At times, it’s a bit of Queen’s “Radio Ga Ga” or Bill Withers’ “Lovely Day” with just a tinge of T. Rex’s “Chidren of the Revolution, ” and its catchy and funky as hell. You can picture North crooning in moonlight suit as the neon lights cover the stage. Building off the energy of his other fantasy world, Passion Play, “Pseudoscience Fiction,” feels larger than life, the perfect taste for the upcoming album of the same name, out May 19 via Mothland.


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