Experimental / Contemporary / No Wave / Noise Rock / Post-Punk

Grim Streaker – “Mind”

par Stephan Boissonneault

A fusion of post-punk, No wave, and some noise, Grim Streaker has a music video fever dream. It’s looks and feels like something you’d see after pulling over the curtain in the Black Lodge.

The track comes just in time for the release of the MIND EP, out today via Mothland. Listen below.

Word from the Directors

“‘Mind’ is a uniquely dynamic song. We knew the video had to match the song’s frenetic energy in the visuals and pacing, and we wanted to incorporate a narrative based on the themes presented. The visual textures felt right for the song, as they both breathe and feel organic in ways that complement each other so well. The edit matches the pacing of the song perfectly, reinforcing its turbulent nature.”

– Directors Stephen Mondics & Devan Davies-Wood

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