Electro-Pop / Electronic

Korin F. – “Le Bruit des Plantes dans le Béton”

par Alex Labonté

The French electronic duo Korin F. (Pierre Thomassian and Maxime Grayt) presents “Le Bruit des Plantes dans le Béton”, from their first album L’Arbre Exponentiel, due out in the spring of 2021.

Showcasing an elemental conflict despite its light and relaxing sounds (calling to mind Bonobo), the track relates the importance of the collective and the need to be part of a healthy community in order to free oneself from harmful bonds. The video, superbly directed by Maxime Grayt and a production of Bocalupo Films and Les Disques Pavillon, shows a creature made of strings that pulls on various characters. This inverted puppet who controls its masters will soon meet its destiny… Who will emerge from this heap of threads? 

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