The 2020 Lucien Awards

by Alain Brunet

The 15th Gala alternatif de la musique indépendante du Québec, better known by its acronym GAMIQ, was presented Sunday, live on the web. Did you miss it? You can access it until January 6, 2021 on the GAMIQ and PAN M 360 websites.

Here is the list of the 2020 Lucien Award winners:

Artist of the Year Les Deuxluxes
Revelation of the Year P’tit Belliveau
Audience ChoiceSouldia
VideoCorridor, “Topographe”
Rock Album (ex-aequo)- Bon Enfant, Bon Enfant and Les Deuxluxes, Lighter Fluid
Indie Rock AlbumCorridor, Junior
Folk AlbumMon Doux Saigneur, Horizon
Rap/Hip-Hop Album LaF, Citadelle
Pop AlbumMara Tremblay, Uniquement pour toi
Electro AlbumBoskorgï, Jazz Pranksters
Metal Album or EPAnonymus, La Bestia
Punk Album or EPBloodskin Atopic, Exzéma
Post-Rock or Post-Punk Album or EPNüshu, Sexe étranger
Experimental Album or EPFlore Laurentienne, Volume 1
World Music Album or EPIlam, Néné
Trad Album or EPÉ.T.É., Les quatre roses
Jazz Album or EPThe Liquor Store, Night Drive
Country Album or EPVeranda, Yodel Bleu
Album or EP From Outside of QuebecP’tit Belliveau, Greatest hits vol.1
Rock EPNobro, Sick Hustle
Indie Rock EPNavet Confit, EP8 (Il fait très froid)
Folk EPPhilémon Cimon, Philédouche
Rap/Hip-Hop EPVendou, Trèdou
Electro EPBeige-à-coeur, Moonshine
Pop EPClay & Friends, Grouillades
Performance Venue of the YearL’ANTI, bar et spectacles
Festival of the Year Le Phoque Off
Radio Station of the YearCHYZ
Digital Media of the Year Le Canal Auditif
Record Label of the YearLes disques 7ième Ciel
Press Relations of the YearMauvaise Influence
Management and Production of the YearAmbiances Ambiguës
Piggy 2020Anonymus

Guitarist Sunny Duval, the first “conductor” in the history of GAMIQ, gave the first performance of the event, followed by Les Deuxluxes, Anonymus, Beat Sexu, Philémon Cimon & Kanen, Les Mains Sales, Tremblay 73, Claude L’Anthrope, Navet Confit, Véranda and Les Martyrs de Marde.

No less than 33 presenters representing different companies in the Quebec music scene awarded as many Lucien prizes, wrapped in an ambiance created by DJ Horg.

For the 15th anniversary, and because of the current situation in the Quebec music scene, categories were added and the opportunity was taken to rename the tribute award “Piggy” in memory of Denis D’Amour, the creative guitarist from Voivod, who passed away in 2005. 

Of the 32 categories highlighted during the show, Les Deuxluxes, P’tit Belliveau and Corridor each stood out with two Luciens, including Artist of the Year for the duo of Anna Frances Meyer and Étienne Barry.

GAMIQ 2020 from Patrice Caron on Vimeo.

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