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De.Ville: “Atlantique”

par Alex Labonté

De.Ville shares a heart-wrenching glimpse into the migrant’s trajectories and the tragedies that can ensue. Poignant and bewitching.

De.Ville, a Moroccan-Montreal duo formed by singer Ziad Qoulaii and multi-instrumentalist/producer Simon Pierre, just launched their video for “Atlantique”, a piece from their most recent EP. Released on November 20th, this 3-part EP also features “Dopamina”, which speaks of the exultation of newfound love, as well as the track “Water”. Note that these songs were supposed to be the soundtrack to a movie, for which a script exists. 

Situated at the crossroads of Quebec, Africa, and the Middle East, De.Ville offers a message of hope, with solidarity and the universality of the human experience as its common thread. The video, the fruit of the duo’s collaborative meeting with director/photographer Alexandre Nour Desjardins (and the team at Télescope Films), is dedicated to migrants. It shares a heart-wrenching glimpse of their trajectories and the tragedies that can ensue. 

Poignant and bewitching.

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