Avant-Rock / Electronic

Battles: “Sugar Foot”

par Rupert Bottenberg

The anti-Covid anime insanity of Battles’ “Sugar Foot” video is, shall we say, transformative.

The New York City band (a duo these days) that made math-rock sexy are back with a video for “Sugar Foot”, off their 2019 album Juice B Crypts. The track features extra weirdness, in the form of the distinctive alto-tenor vocals of prog-rock icon Jon Anderson of Yes, and input from Taiwanese electro-shamanists Prairie WWWW. The video is the creation of Japanese animation team AC-bu, contributors to the notoriously bizarre anime satire Pop Team Epic, and it portrays a Great Space Robot Festival, taking place to avenge all the concerts and festivals cut short by Covid-19 in the last year.

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