Hip Hop / Keb Rap

Dope.Gng & LaF: “Soleil”

par Roxane Labonté

Rappers get trapped in gruelling nine-to-fives with “Soleil”.

In the new Dope.Gng video for “Soleil”, directed by DirectedBySerge, we see the rappers stuck in difficult roles, such as caretaker, taxi driver, and dishwasher. “Soleil” is off their album Drogue Maison, released last August, and is the result of a long-distance collaboration with LaF and French beatmaker mammouth. The latter recently composed a song on Aya Nakamura’s latest album, in addition to his platinum certification for the single “Cabeza” by rapper Oboy. 

“Soleil”… A song that imprints itself on the brain the first time you listen to it.

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