Art Rock / Industrial

Palaye Royale: “Tonight Is The Night I Die”

par Roxane Labonté

Halloween continues with Palaye Royale!

Halloween continues thanks to the Canadian-American group Palaye Royale, who reveal a vampiric universe with “Tonight Is The Night I Die”. Singer Remington Leith, looking like a young Lestat (Interview with a Vampire), ventures into elegant and sensuous balls where he finds a “companion” for the night. Death, sanity, and resilience are recurring themes for the band, which they’ve demonstrated on many occasions, for example in “Lonely”, where Leith digs himself a grave, “Mr. Doctor Man” where he shares his inner turmoil, or in “Anxiety”, where he drags a heavy cross with chains. 

“Tonight Is The Night I Die”, for a 19th-century thrill!

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