Darkwave / Electronic / Synthwave

Das Mörtal: “It Comes”

par Roxane Labonté

“And it comes every bloody night / And it wakes us”: Das Mörtal shakes off the November torpor.

Grimoires, snakes, candles and rituals, on this Friday, November 13, Chilean-Montrealer and electro musician Das Mörtal displays his fascination for the occult and witchcraft in the video for “It Comes”. Voluptuous layers of synthesizers settle on our shoulders like silky black drapes, and the voice that gravitates a few metres above us envelops us. In his video, the artist pays homage to the teen horror films of the 1990s (The Craft, for example). The clip comes from his most recent album Miami Beach Witches, released last week on Lisbon Lux Records. A great talent from here, to be followed closely.

Directed by Kevan Funk (A Tribe Called Red, Braids, Preoccupations) 

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