Brian Eno: “Decline and Fall”

by Michel Rondeau

A video to whet the appetite for the forthcoming collection of Brian Eno’s best film music.

In anticipation of the release of his next album – an anthology of his best film soundtracks, scheduled for Friday – Brian Eno releases a first single and accompanying video, “Decline and Fall”, shot in Brazil by director Henrique Goldman. 

The music for “Decline and Fall” was originally part of the soundtrack of the feature film O Nome da Morte, directed by Goldman in 2017, so some images from the movie can be found in the video, which takes the form of a meditation on the struggle between Man and Nature, water and fire, fiction and science, birth and death, making us aware of the fragility of the natural balance seriously compromised by our civilisation and its excesses.  

Among other striking images are the climatic phenomenon, on a colossal scale, in which the trees of the Amazon rainforest continually expulse billions of gallons of water into the Earth’s atmosphere. 

Brazilian by birth but now living in London, Goldman has been working in the film industry for the past two decades and has won numerous awards for his work. 

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