Dark Pop / Darkwave / Synth-Pop

Black Nail Cabaret: “My Casual God”

by Geneviève Gendreau

The excellent Hungarian pop-noir duo Black Nail Cabaret offer a pastoral clip for the track “My Casual God”, from their most recent record, Gods Verging On Sanity, released last May.

As usual, the mix of the powerful, hushed voice of singer Emese Árvai-Illés and the dark music of Krisztián Árvai succeed in bewitching. This time, however, it is the aesthetic side of the band that surprises. The duo generally deliver flamboyant videos with crazy stories and eccentric costumes. With “My Casual God”, there’s instead a rural sobriety, in black and white, contrasting with everything they’ve produced visually before. 

The charm operates once again, this time in a backwoods version, nevertheless marked by gravity.

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