Electronic / Hip Hop / Soul / Trap

OBI: “Slave We”

by Roxane Labonté

Nigerian artist OBI takes us inside the College Maurice Scève migrant squat in Lyon with his first single, “Slave We”

What is a so-called “normal” life and why do the parameters of society exist? Is it absolutely necessary to be anchored to a physical place? “Slave We”, the first single from OBI’s upcoming album (2021), asks these crucial questions. A DIY guerrilla production, the clip was shot in the squat of Collège Maurice Scève, where OBI currently lives among several hundred other African migrants. 

Undocumented, he has been living in Europe for ten years, riding the rhythm of evictions, going from squat to squat and from country to country. Bearing witness to his extraordinary journey and his daily life as a migrant, the track relates the feeling of being chained to the city, but also tells how light and hope are always present, and how faith in the future helps him to move forward. To rap, electro, Afro-trap, and soul beats, he and his fellow migrants nevertheless wonder whether they have the fundamental freedom to move around.

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