Disco / New Wave / North East Asian / Post-Punk

LeeNalchi and Ambiguous Dance Company: “Feel the Rhythm of Korea”

par Rupert Bottenberg

Vibrant views of various cities, with the band’s new-wave pansori and the troupe’s manic moves

While the pandemic stifles travel, the Korea Tourism Organization (KTO) aims to cheer the world up by providing picturesque postcards from around the country in the form of peppy pop-music videos, in their Feel the Rhythm of Korea series. The rapid-fire excursions feature the music of formidable funk-punk pansori troupe LeeNalchi, extracts from their excellent album Suggunga, and the outrageous choreographies of their inseparable associates in Ambiguous Dance Company. The first three clips – exploring the major cities Seoul, Busan, and Jeonju – hit the web at the end of July, and have since been seen by some 25 million viewers each. The KTO has just put out three more, showcasing temples, markets, parks, and other pertinent points on the maps of Andong, Mokpo, and Gangneung. The next best thing to being there…

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