Experimental / Contemporary / Gothic / Industrial

Bestial Mouths: “The Loss”

par Geneviève Gendreau

Three months after Resurrectedinblack, Bestial Mouths presents an aquatic and cathartic clip for the track “The Loss”.

Made of superimposed images and kaleidoscopic effects, this experimental microfilm is a perfect accompaniment to the atmospheric impulses of the song. Shot underwater, it shows Cerezo, a Gothic mermaid, sometimes struggling with the ropes and chains around her, sometimes sinking. This near-death experience, supported by a dragging melody with martial rhythms, nevertheless lets a certain light shine through. One comes out of it haunted, not knowing whether death or redemption has resulted.

Camera: Elemental Eyes Photography (Sandy Holmes)
Styling & Concept: Lynette Cerezo
Edit: Katarina Sjöstrand

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