Electro-Rock / Gothic / latino / Synthwave

Prayers: “La Vida Es Un Sueño”

by Rupert Bottenberg

San Diego’s Prayers bring their chologoth sound to the underworld of their ancestors.

“Life is a dream”, Leafar Seyer repeats insistently on “La Vida Es Un Sueño”, the first single off Chologoth, the latest album from Prayers, the San Diego electro-rock duo singer Seyer forms with musician Dave Parley. It’s a dark dream, with death in presence, but not one without beauty and even a sense of destiny. The title of the album defines the vibe of Prayers, as they express the morbid romanticism of the goth scene, in the vernacular of the cholo – meant both in the sense of the Chicano street culture and gang life of California, and even moreso, that of the mestizo, reaching back to their indigenous roots. The video sees them ferried to Mictlan, the underworld, in a classy Rolls Royce, under the guidance of the Mexica fire god Xolotl.

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