Electro-Jazz / Groove

Bandler Ching: “Pousmousse”

by Rupert Bottenberg

Belgium’s Bandler Ching rises to the surface with their forthcoming EP’s first single.

Led by saxophonist Ambroos De Schepper, a veteran of Belgian jazz acts like Kosmo Sound, Boogie Belgique and Mos Ensemble, the Brussels-based quartet Bandler Ching have just released the first single from their debut EP Sub Surface, due our October 23 on the Sdban Ultra label. Cool, uncluttered, but amply invested with clarity and conviction, “Pousmousse” (named after a local laundromat, rather randomly) indicates that great things await from De Schepper and his bandmates, keyboardist Alan Van Rompuy, bassist Federico Pecoraro, and drummer Olivier Penu.

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