Alternative Rock / Maghrebi / Raï

Rachid Taha: “Minouche”

par Luc Marchessault

Minouche, extrait de l’album posthume Je suis africain, résume bien l’esprit Taha.

It’s now two years since rock ‘n’ raï rebel Rachid Taha took his place in the great amphitheatre of the Beyond, alongside his forebears Dahmane El Harrachi, Sheikha Remitti, Oum Kalthoum, Nina Simone, and Elvis Presley, as well as his buddies Alain Bashung and Joe Strummer. The album Je suis africain was released posthumously a year after his passing. “Minouche” is an extract from it, Rachid had written the lyrics with Jean Fauque and Erwan Seguillon, alias R.Wan, and the music with Toma Ferterman. For the clip, Laurie-Anne Patrikovna created sober and magnificent illustrations, Agathe Nazarenko animated them, and Ali Guessoum directed the whole thing. “T’es ma kahloucha, Frenchwoman – I’m your Apache, the rest doesn’t matter” – this sums up the spirit of Rachid Taha quite well.

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