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Shortparis: “KoKoKo/Struktury Ne Vyhodyat Na Ulitsy”

par Geneviève Gendreau

A new politico-musical punch from the Russian quintet

If you don’t already know them, here is a very muscular introduction for the Russian group Shortparis with “Structures don’t go down in the streets”. This new clip does not depart from their habits: linking aesthetics and social criticism against a background of experimental music. We follow the group and a plethora of workers, young and old, in abandoned buildings, where a metaphor between working class and animality is staged. The one to which the authorities wants to reduce the weak, claimed here as a source of resistance.

The song is, as always, carried by the sulfurous and theatrical presence of the singer Nikolai Komyagin, blowing on the embers of a growing protest (no doubt in reference to the uprisings of the Belarusian people). The song follows the escalation and closes with a liberation, made possible by the solidarity of the oppressed. We cross our fingers that this single will be the first of an upcoming album.

Video Credits: Shortparis
DOP: Ayrat Ramilov

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