Grunge / Psychedelia / Stoner Rock

Fuudge: “Fruit-Dieu”

by Roxane Labonté

Mystical forests, spiritual awakening and original sin: The Quebec group returns to its Sources

Fuudge just unveiled the music video for the title track of their second album Fruit-Dieu, released at the end of January this year. Usually evolving within the abrasive and heavy genres (stoner rock, grunge, psychedelic, punk), the band surprised many with the rather melodic aspect of this song.

David Bujold, musician, singer and leader of the band, explains the concept of the clip: “Fruit-Dieu is a song about a kind of original sin, a spiritual awakening with no return, all in a rather psychedelic wrapping. For this unpretentious clip, I wanted to film wild children, plants, animals, nature… that’s what I did!”

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