Electronic / Experimental / Trip Hop

Evitceles: “Weak Eyes”

by William Paulhus

Bulgarian producer Etien Slavchev recently released the very first video from his upcoming album, Нелюбов.

Slavchev, whom you may already know from his critically acclaimed releases on labels like Opal Tapes, Seagrave, Yerevan Tapes, and Amek Collective, returns with a clip featuring a totally absorbing collage of images. The sober editing by Monika Ivanova blends wonderfully with the cold electronic music that Evitceles offers. For the occasion, Slavchev deviates a little from his usual glitchy formula by using a guitar, fat bass, and energetic drums, tilting the whole thing towards dark trip-hop. The album comes out on September 2,5 on Sound+Matter.

Video Credits: Monika Ivanova, Ivelina Alexieva, Alexandra Ventova, Vladislav Popov and Stefan Batchvarov.

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