Hip Hop / Jazz

L. Teez: “Questions”

par Roxane Labonté

Hip-hop jazz artist L. Teez has unveiled his brand new single “Questions” from his second EP, The Index to My Inner Thoughts. This introspective ballad, guided by the trumpet melodies of Jérôme Dupuis-Cloutier, tells a complex story born of the questions and deep reflections of L. Teez, an artist of mixed extraction (Quebecois, Algerian, Jamaican, and Chinese). An aura of mystery floats around this singular musical journey.

Directed by Guillaume Pascale, the video was shot using point-cloud technology on the iPhone. This fluid visual, in which bodies appear through the prism of a thin film of diffuse dots, demonstrates the unstable nature of shapes and objects in the age of information technology. The Index to My Inner Thoughts will be released on September 18 on the Hydrophonik label.

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