Ambient / Downtempo / Drone

EXCLUSIVE: Arashkha’s “Hikikomori Watching Outside”

par Alex Labonté

Arashkha, a self-taught artist originally from Tehran and now a resident of Reunion Island, offers an exclusive presentation of “Hikikomori Watching Outside”, a piece from the mini-album Wind, Space & Rhythm, Vol. 1, scheduled for release tomorrow, August 28. Crafting a true musical patchwork without borders of genre or language, this artist with a singular path remains faithful to his Persian roots, imbued with Sufi spirituality and poetry, while offering soothing and bewitching melodies. 

“Hikikomori Watching Outside” refers to the challenge of living in big cities while preserving one’s interiority. The video, directed by Guillaume Tauveron, puts forward a chiaroscuro aesthetic and proposes an emotional exploration both sensual and sad, in which a crow and a dancer meet in the middle of Tokyo’s imposing skyscrapers. Appearing at first with a Noh theater mask, the dancer gradually reveals her face through slow movements inspired by Butoh ( Japanese avant-garde dance that began at the end of the 1950s). A balm for the soul.

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