Industrial / metal / Noise Rock

Uniform: “Dispatches From the Gutter”

by Louise Jaunet

For several months now, the United States has been burning from within. Unfortunately, the man at the wheel can’t be bothered to put out the fire, and even takes a nasty pleasure in throwing gasoline on the fire. The intense noise band Uniform embraces the flames of this ambient chaos during a purely symbolic and cathartic immolation ritual, filmed at the full moon by Jacqueline Castel, with writer Mitch Horowitz officiating, on July 4. Inspired by Malcolm Lowry’s novel Below the Volcano and Alan Moore’s famous graphic novel The Killing Joke, singer Michael Berdan continues to explore the duality of the figure of the anti-hero, prisoner of a perpetual existential malaise in the image of the mythic Sisyphus. “Dispatches From the Gutter” is the second single from the album Shame, to be released on the label Sacred Bones on September 11. Listen at your own risk.

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