Electronic / Folk

Dear Criminals: “Where We Started”

by Roxane Labonté

Our team bore witness to a very, very intimate performance by Dear Criminals at Lion D’or, part of their Lone Ride concert series, for which no more than one or two spectators were admitted at a time.

They could choose in advance the song that would be performed by the band through an online booking form.

With this third original production under the SESSIONS 360 banner, directed by Bernar Hébert, PAN M 360 is proud to present this concept that touches people on an individual level. It can be said that our dear Montreal criminals have turned the current situation to their advantage, earning recognition as leading players in the cultural milieu. Two dates are still scheduled for Lone Ride in Quebec City in August. More details can be found right here.

Special thanks to Cabaret Lion d’Or, Theatre Fairmount and Le Ritz PDB.

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