Hip Hop

Byg Ben Sukuya, MC Yallah & Jora MC: “Money Makes Money”

by Rupert Bottenberg

Countering the lowest of budgets with the highest levels of enthusiasm and resourcefulness, maverick Ugandan filmmaker Nabwana IGG and his compatriots in the Kampala slum Wakaliga made a massive splash in global cinema with the non-stop over-the-top 2015 action movie Who Killed Captain Alex? (production costs: $85 USD). Subsequent Ramon Film productions have sustained Wakaliwood as a cultural force to consider, and now they’ve made their first music video. In the same can-do community spirit as their film shoots, “Money Makes Money” is a fundraising appeal, looking to crowdsource a small but mighty economic stimulus for the village of Bulambuli. Produced by Baru, with musical direction by Bana Mutibwa, “Money Makes Money” drives the point home – well, more or less. Check it out, as much as anything, for the wicked verse by MC Yallah, who recently dropped the sharp EP Mama Waliwamanyii with Irish producer Eomac on the intensely eclectic label Phantom Limb. 

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