Electronic / Metalcore / Pop

Bring Me The Horizon: “Parasite Eve”

par Alex Labonté

After posting several videos on social media showing how they work remotely, British metalcore/electropop band Bring Me The Horizon released their single “Parasite Eve”. The song includes lyrics directly linked to the pandemic: band leader Oli Sykes eloquently inquires, “When we forget the infection, will we remember the lesson?”

“Parasite Eve” condenses the fear and anger that people have felt over the past few months. In particular, we hear a synthetic voice telling us to stay calm, that the end is coming but that we can’t be saved… Feeling of impending apocalypse, swirling animations, beautiful colours inspired by synthwave and cyberpunk: “Parasite Eve” creates a stupefying whole. The single is part of Post Human, a series of four EPs that the band plans to release in the next year.

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