Hip Hop / Pop / Reggaeton

Sarahmée: “Ma peau”

par Alex Labonté

A few days ago, Sarahmée launched the video for “Ma peau”, the most recent extract from her album Irréversible. The popularity of the album (a 55-show tour and more than 1.5 million continuous listes) testifies to the great success of this committed Quebec talent. 

“Ma peau”, a reggaeton-style piece, is about self-acceptance and the value of difference. Directed by Alexandre Authier (Rymz, Tizzo, Eihdz), the clip shows dancers swaying in different industrial sites in Montreal. Here is how Sarahmée articulates her pride: “ Oui ma peau fait de moi ce que je suis / Elle ne disparaît pas sous la pluie / J’la changerais pour rien au monde qu’on en dise” (“Yes, my skin makes me who I am / It doesn’t disappear in the rain / I wouldn’t change it for the world”). The world desperately needs these words right now.

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