Funk / Pop / Soul

Kinkead: “Si ça nous tue”

by Roxane Labonté

What is a mistake, really? What can we really learn from chance encounters as we step out of bars? That’s what the duo Kinkead (made up of twins Simon and Henri Kinkead) ask themselves in “Si ça nous tue”. In the video for the song, the lyrics appear as a conversation on MSN (or Windows Live Messenger, a chat software popular in the early 2000s but which has since disappeared), adding to the irony of the situation.

The charming duo released a first EP in 2018 and did a number shows afterwards, among others at the Festival d’été de Québec. Inspired by funk and soul currents as well as the many questions plaguing millennials, the album Migration will be released on October 23 on the Rozaire label. Keep it in your sights!

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