Bravery in Battle: “Parmi des Millions”

par Rupert Bottenberg

Based between Paris and Nantes, the French sextet Bravery in Battle are specific about the battle they’re fighting. Their ambitious new project The House We Live In – Penser le monde de demain is a multimedia stage show, a DVD, a book, and of course an album, on which their lush post-rock emo-scapes are overlain with the words of a global array of voices worthy of attentive ears – activists, scientists, and cultural icons, all with important perspectives on the Anthropocene disaster, and how we might hope to counter its impact. Among these is Montreal-born astrophysicist Hubert Reeves, who lays out hard truths in a charming singsong voice, seen here (subtitled for the non-francophone) in “Parmi des Millions”.

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