Ambient / Experimental / Contemporary

Solipsisme: “Outrage à la morale publique”

par Louise Jaunet

Guitarist in the excellent Montreal post-rock band Milanku, François Lemieux has made good use of the quarantine to devote himself to a new solo project, Solipsism. Also a visual artist, he himself illustrates his latest experimental ambient track “Outrage à la morale publique”, released on the drone compilation Memories of a Lost City by Japanese independent label Tokyo Jupiter Records, all proceeds of which will be donated to Doctors Without Borders. He questions existence with black-and-white, symmetrized extracts from Oskar Schlemmer’s Triadisches Ballet, creating a graceful dance of geometric forms that awaken one’s sixth sense. Like a projective psychological test, the video invites us to observe the thoughts that our imagination can sometimes release from the subconscious. The music that accompanies it is deeply melancholic, refined, delicate, and intrinsically luminous.

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