Jazz / Punk

Retorunose: “Haisen Session”

by Rupert Bottenberg

Retorunose is the Japanese duo of saxophonist Ruby Nakamura and drummer #STDRUMS, who’ve just released a self-titled EP, loaded with two powerful, ten-minute episodes of seismic jazz-punk. Further material from their session at the indie art space Zengyo Z was captured by video director Taro Maruyama – see below. Shot from all angles, the pair go on a tear inside a concrete storage room/miniature skate park, its every surface soaked in the feverish artwork of Masato Okano. “This is the music venue in my hometown,” says Okano of the locale, in the Tokyo suburb of Fujisawa City. “I painted my monsters with the all my friends’ bands’ names on the walls. My image of art always comes from music.”

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