Electronic / Rock

Caesaria : “Connection Loss”

par Alex Labonté

At a time when the Internet and social networks are at the heart of what keeps the world going, there’s still a strange feeling in the air, a solitude 2.0 created by the digital overabundance. French electro-rock band Caesaria have captured this phenomenon well with their song “Connection Loss”. 

The track’s video, filmed in dark places that seem haunted, is directed by Hatim Elmnini. The images highlight social isolation, which reaches new levels in these times of confinement. Books, objects, and eventually walls catch fire, symbolizing a great inner restlessness and a burning desire to communicate that is never really fulfilled. Flames from a bygone era, mourning for a time when one could be carefree… Yet singer Théo crosses the blaze with composure, demonstrating his acceptance of the inevitable. All this makes you ponder the question, how would people have managed during the pandemic if there hadn’t been the Internet? 

The EP Connection Loss has been available on all digital platforms since May 1st.

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