Destroyer : Foolssong

by Alain Brunet

“In mid-February, when Dan Bejar and the Destroyer live band embarked on their North American tour in support of his new album Have We Met, practically no one anticipated what the next month would hold.” , Here is a superb fragment of a documentary film that will be done after the pandemic. Until then, listen to the new Destroyer album and read our review by Jean-François Cyr.

When Dan Bejar and his frontman band Destroyer embarked on a North American tour to defend the material for his new album Have We Met, who could have expected human activity on the entire planet to come to a halt? The tour was cancelled, of course. Shot on the road by directors David Galloway and David Ehrenreich, Foolssong’s video features scenes of a caravan forced to speed up. or cross the deadly American continent while the world does the exact opposite. “In this very special time, the phrase “Have We Met” deserves less of a question mark than ever. We probably haven’t met anyone new since March, and the pace of this statement is more absolute than a real investigation… We were making a film. Maybe we’re still doing it, but it’s hard to say. Foolssong is what’s left of it for now. “…raise the filmmakers forced to suspend their activities until the public activities of Destroyer, an excellent group from British Columbia, resume. “Hopefully, these foreign landscapes only provide a temporary glimpse of an unknown world, a glimpse of a future that shows a separation from oneself, an isolation. But perhaps the bright side is a little more wonder. Hopefully this is a picture that does not dry.”

*Quotes from the publicist’s text.

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