Lo-Fi / Synth-Pop

Video premiere: Tara King Th., “Odd Bird”

par Rupert Bottenberg

A delirious dash of dyslexic synthpop from from the forthcoming Mathematique.

Tara King Th., a cornerstone entity in the roster of Ray Borneo’s Petrol Chips label based in Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes, France, has mastered the delicate craft of cataloguing “retro” sounds without ever being too specific or explicit. The 2018 album Fantaisies Stellaires, for example, is an expansive overview of the space-rock and astro-pop of futures past. The forthcoming Mathematique, out April 2, cleverly connects the dots between ’60s French pop in the feminine, the sweeter side of ’70s krautrock, and the homemade new-wave underground of the ’80s. In anticipation of the album’s imminent arrival, PAN M 360 is proud to premiere the video for “Odd Bird”, the latest teaser track. Frequent collaborator Vestale Vestale provides the vertiginous vocals to this delirious dash of dyslexic synthpop. Check it out, and be sure to count Mathematique in your calculations for the coming weeks!

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